Ranbir and thinking Twice!

1 05 2008

Sonam and Ranbir KapoorSaawariya


The one thing I do not understand is why almost everyone loves Ranbir! I mean yeah he is cute (very cute) but did anyone think twice about what kind of chick he’s dating I mean seriously! A Deepika Padukone ( by the way nice last name) she’s UGLY! even Jiah looks better and that girl sometimes doesn’t wear any make-up! Yes, it’s true the boy does look hot but has horrible, and when i say horrible, I mean HORRIBLE taste in girls and that is coming from a Girl (ME)! And I’m not a perv! (whichever asshole thought that)! So Ranbir you SHOULD out of all the people think twice!! Think SONAM KAPOOR!!! šŸ™‚ So look at the hot pics of Ranbir and Sonam! (Ranbir hate yourself for hurting this pretty girl, Sonam Kapor NOT Deepika!). I did not put up Deepika because I know you will puke aka vomit! (Ranbir how can u look at her for more than 2 minutes? (No hard feelings man, love you! ))




3 responses

27 05 2008

Hi Ranbir,
bohat bura lga sun kr k aap Dipika se engagement ker rahe ho, wo aap k saath bilkul b achhi nhi lagti, Sonam is beautifull, sonam or aap best couple lagte ho, aap kahan or dipika kahan!

17 08 2008

sonam is very cool

31 12 2008

I think it’s right that deepika looks very average if not ugly at times. i don’t think ranbir looks that that great either. so it’s fair match, i would say. but he can have better (based on status of being kapoor).
individuals choice.

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