Rishi Gone Wild?

1 05 2008

Zee Awards                 Zee Awards

Remeber the Zee Awards a few days ago? You must also know how the whole Kapoor family came, right? Well of course it wasn’t hard for you to miss them because they put on a show for everyone! Every Kapoor was there, like Kareena Kapoor with Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika Padukone ( i don’t understand that couple), Rishi Kapoor with wife Neetu, Shammi Kapoor, and then the others… ( i’m not gonna sit here listing them all!) So the main problem with the Kapoor’s this year was Rishi! You can’t blame the guy he has a son dating a Padukone! So Rishi as every Kapoor took the pain and stress out by swearing (Go Rishi!!!). He started swearing right infront of Ranbir, Neetu, and Deepika. (Hopefully Deepika saw how crazy the Kapoor’s are and will dump Ranbir! I’m only saying this for Ranbir’s benefit)  And I bet Neetu was laughing inside! So there you go another award ceremony, another horrible Kapoor couple, and another Kapoor putting on a show!!




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