Shah Rukh Khan and Alcohol

2 05 2008


 Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan does ads for alcohol and has done a few movies with him drinking such as Devadas and Don. Many people are agreeing to ban alcohol and smoking in films. But who will stop the King Khan? Well, the Minister will, he supporters the ban of alcohol and smoking. He also criticized the King Khan by talking on how the Khan was playing a role as a youth and was drinking in his recent movie with the oh so ugly Deepika Padukone, Om Shanti Om (OSO)! Also it was reported that Saif Ali Khan had to miss an awards ceremony and rush to the hospital a year ago because of a minor heart attack! So my opinion is that I think that King Khan has more issues in his life than worrying about smoking I mean the guy worked with Deepika! He must have brain issues and needed to take a few smokes! You can’t blame him, just like my wonderful Shahid Kapoor had to take a few smokes because of his Depression! But thank god he’s over it! But also it’s not the same for SRK because he does films with children like Chak De India which is sending a bad message to those little kid fans of his who love him! But then there was other news about Hrithik Roshan and his addiction to cigarettes! That was a real downer for me! But then again he’ll let go of the addiction hopefully!




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