Shah Rukh Khan and “The steamy clip”

3 05 2008



ShahRukh Khan

 Shah Rukh Khan is seen all around the world nowadays. Not because he made a good movie (OSO sucked) or he did a good thing in the world ( he does ads for alcohol though 🙂 ). But he’s all over the internet and magazines because of the new rumor of a 1993 film Shah Rukh Khan did in 1993 with Deepa Sahi ( not Deepika but I wish, then Ranbir would dump her 😦 ) The steamy clip of him doing a lovemaking scene with Deepa is making a hit on youtube and covers of magazines. But then I think this is stupid because I mean come on the boy was only 42 and he was staring his career. He needed money and it was one of his first new films. Plus the movie was about  a girl (Deepa) who is a player and cheats on her man with many men. Well thats what I think it is, pretty sure! But then again of course he has to do it for the film. And god if his wife doesn’t care, Deepa’s husband doesn’t care, and Deepa say’d it’s not true and SRK has not commented then… LEAVE THEM ALONE!! It’s simple as that! And people who say that this might hurt King Khan’s career I think that STUPID because no it won’t hurt his career it will make his career because at least now we know he’s done something sexy once in his lifetime of making films!




2 responses

3 06 2008

i like shah rukh khan. i like yuor performance

2 09 2008

i love u srk

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