You Vote: Saawariya or Om Shanti Om?

5 05 2008

Which one would you rather watch, Saawariya or Om Shanti Om? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment by clicking on the “Comment” box, at the bottom of this post! Make sure to tell us why you think that movie is the best! All comments will be read and then tallied up and posted on the upcoming blogs! If you write a good reason of why you choose what you choose, then I might choose your comment to put on the post! So start voting. ( If your one of the lazy punks who just want to write Saawariya or Om Shanti Om because you LAZY then I will count that vote! JUST VOTE!!!! 🙂

                                                                                         🙂 Enjoy! (Vote down here):)


(Om Shanti Om above 😦 )




2 responses

6 05 2008
????? im not tellin

uh…. om shanti om ofcourse,
who the hell would watch sonam, no offence to u ranbir!
Anyway om shanti om would be better because of Deepika, the one and only ‘Padukone’

It has more masala unlike saawariya.

24 05 2008

om shanti om

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