You Vote: Wax War- Salman or Shahrukh Khan

7 05 2008

Who do you like better Salman Khan or ShahRukh Khan? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment by clicking on the “Comment” box, at the bottom of this post! Make sure to tell us why you think that person is the best! All comments will be read and then tallied up and posted on the upcoming blogs! If you write a good reason of why you choose what you choose, then I might choose your comment to put on the post! So start voting. ( If your one of the lazy punks who just want to write Salman or ShahRukh because you LAZY then I will count that vote, please don’t put KHAN because THEY’RE BOTH KHAN’S! JUST VOTE!!!! 🙂 Also on the upcoming post I will tell you who I choose and why!


                                                                                      ~Bollywood Blog Admin:)


( Above: Salman Khan wax figure (left) Salman Khan real figure (right)  🙂

(Above: Shahrukh Khan real figure (left) Shahrukh Khan wax figure (right) 🙂





17 responses

7 05 2008

shah rukh khan. he is by far the most dynamic, personable, intelligent and seductive performer in the world.

7 05 2008

Salman Khan wax figure Better !

7 05 2008

i Like Salman Khan Statue He Looks Like Him
Very Cool

8 05 2008

100% salman khan.
Dear salman wax war look like him . it is beautiful and fantastic like himself. (salman , i love youuuuuuu).

12 05 2008

I think Shahrukh.
Hes cool sexy and far more dynamic.
He put his 100% into his acting and always aims at his highest. I love him for it.

15 05 2008

SRK any day!

5 06 2008

Salman khan is the best!
because: 1 he is still a un married
2 he has a great body
3 he still can’t find a ………

5 06 2008

Salman khan is the best!
because: 1 he is still a un married
2 he has a great body
3 he is still the hottest one in
4 and I love him like crazy

7 06 2008

1000% salman khan because i crazy of him

8 06 2008

Salman Khan is The Best

30 06 2008
Vishal Bajpai

Shahrukh Khan is Better Actor then Salman Khan

3 07 2008

No Doubts…

Salman khan is best and better….

SALLU U deserve man?

27 07 2008

Salman Khan.. A true Man who is helpful and the
most handsome in Bollywood. I dunno whtz the
thing they see in Shahrukh.. but i tell u .. he ll act his ass out.. when he is dying of cancer.
Other than that.. he laughs like we fart.. 😀

4 08 2008

Salman Khan has finally broken the Silence and spoken out for his fans regarding the truth about the media and recent controversies surrounding him.

Do check out his official blog

26 08 2008

Salman Khan is The Best

18 01 2009

Salman Khan look so real in there.

23 12 2010
gursahib singh

salman obviously…:)

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