You Vote: Shahid with Amrita Rao or Kareena Kapoor

9 05 2008


Who would you rather like Shahid to date, Amrita Rao or Kareena Kapoor ? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment by clicking on the “Comment” box, at the bottom of this post! Make sure to tell us why you think that person would be the best for Shahid! All comments will be read and then tallied up and posted on the upcoming blogs! If you write a good reason of why you choose what you choose, then I might choose your comment to put on the post! So start voting. ( If your one of the lazy punks who just want to write Amrita or Kareena because you LAZY then I will count that vote! JUST VOTE!!!! 🙂  


                                                                                            🙂 Enjoy! (Comment Below

 Amrita with Shahid in Vivah! 🙂

 Amrita with Shahid in Vivah!

 Amrita with Shahid in Vivah! 🙂


Kareena + Shahid in Jab We Met! 🙂 (above)

 Kareena and Shahid in JWM!

 Kareena and Shahid in Chup Chup Ke ! 🙂







61 responses

24 05 2008

shahid wit amrita coz both make a perfect pair n d cutest pair.i dont think dere cud b a great reason more dan dis.

28 05 2008

Kareena and Shahid between them two.

29 05 2008

i choose amrita rao

3 06 2008

i think shahid and Amrita rao are good for each other.

4 06 2008

i think….i will choose AMRITA of course…
hmmm…i see that they are lovely to be together..i don’t know..but if i, i will choose AMRITA of course!

4 06 2008

AMRITA & SHAHID of course. theyr cute 2 getha. amritas NOT older than shahid. They kno each othr really well if theyv done movies for along time. and theyr just cute 2 getha!!!

5 06 2008

i go 4 amrita coz i dont like karren

6 06 2008

i think shahid and amrita rao is PERFECT!!!!!!I LOVE SEE THIS COUPLE TOGETHER!!!

6 06 2008

i think shahid and amrita rao is PERFECT!!!!

16 06 2008

I think only Amrita, because they look so sweet together and i wish that they are a couple in the real

21 06 2008

we think amrita and shahid because kareena is not good n thats wat we think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 06 2008

i think but no i m sure amrita beacuse they are very beautiful and good together

1 07 2008

I choose AMRITA RAOxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 07 2008

Kareena and Shahid are not fit to be together. i think shahid and amrita should be together. they r very cute together.

7 07 2008

i will also choose amrita as they look very nice together

8 07 2008

ithink amrita rao and shahid is perfect!!!

15 07 2008

i think shahid and Amrita rao are good for each other.
is best jori

2 08 2008

i think shaihd kapoor and amrota rao are perfect toghther.

24 08 2008

yes.i choose amrita.because i saw shahid & amrita
always lovely together.kareena leaves shahid & choose saif.

16 10 2008

I think Amrita rao is best then kareena kapoor.Becuase she buitful then kareen kapoor and allso got better behaviour and she is kinder .that’s why i choose Amrita rao . Amrita and shahid are made for each other.

16 10 2008

I choose Amrita rao

6 11 2008

choose Amrita

7 11 2008

i choose Amrita rao

22 11 2008

i choose kareena and shahid

22 11 2008

kareena is best for shahid….

25 11 2008
babii sexy

i think amrita and shahid are meant for each other . kareena looks like shit. she is ugly so, amrita rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo!!!!!

26 11 2008

amrita rao ol da way….gr8 couple..S&A

14 12 2008

hi shahid & amrita , they are looking so fabulous & cute together. and all ur fans will wait for ur next films. i wish u all the best . good luck & take care

1 02 2009

before i thought that kareena
but now i think amrita suits shahid more

9 02 2009
ambia kauser

hi i think amrita rao the hot gal my fave actress cuz shes nice and inocent shes always been nice to shahid and wnt leave him if she was hes gal u see kareena is a bitch she enjoys havin it wid oda guys and shahid an inocent hot boy diserves a gal lik amrita them too r the worlds bst coupls kareen looks more lik hs mum sowwi i ment grandma haha lol amrita and shaid r made 4 eachothr and they wnt brake eachothers hearts if they were together k bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to amrita and shahid

17 02 2009

hey there me and my BF want to say that kareena and shahid are the wurlds best couple and i meant that they had also won the best couple eva trophee if you dont beleive watch the indian news then you will fynd out hang on my BF want to say somthing..
hello people!i just wanna say that god made kareena she is just soooooooooooo beautiful god created such a bautiful lady like her i will always pray for kareena and shahid to be 2gether.

17 02 2009

i think amrita rao suites shahid kapoor alot but i still do think kareena and shahid make a good pair.but now both of them got their boyfreinds then i dunno….lolz..
love gemmaxxxxx

26 02 2009

>>>>>>>>>>well I think shihid and amrita rao is the best becoz there r hot and sweet I really love them 2gether……>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

5 03 2009

I choose amrita rao,because amrita n’ shah!d very couple together. . . .emm I wait for your next films , ,good luck^_^

14 03 2009

Only Amrita suits 4 shahid they look hot evry movie they do SHAMRITA 4EVER

20 03 2009
shubhangi and gurmeet

for shahid…………………………………………………..
no doubt ONLY nd ONLY ………………….
AMRITA is best coz shahid jaise chocolate boy ke liye koi aisi waisi , tewar dikhane wali aur dhokebaaz ladki nahi chalegi.
so only the sweetest, most graceful AMRITA will do.

24 03 2009

i choose amritha with shahid….they both are gorgeous together…!!!!!

4 04 2009
SB Gurung

Of course, Amrita rao is best for shahid kapoor

30 04 2009
S. A. 4eva

Of course I will go with Amrita Rao like have you seen her with shahid? They are the hottest couple shahid should never even look at Kareena!!!!!!
Amrita and Shahid rocked in all their movies, like Ishq Vishq, vahh life ho to Aisi, and VIVAH.
I just wish they would go out together in real life!!!!!! That would be tremendously awesome 🙂

13 06 2009

i think amirta and shahid look good together. they r so perfect. kareena is to old for shahid

3 07 2009

yes u r right

22 06 2009
akhila reddy

amrita and shahid

3 07 2009

obeously its amrita yaar;im egarly waiting 2 see shahid with amrita soon on upcommings days

18 07 2009

surely only AMRITA. They r the best

16 08 2009

i think amirtha is best jodi for shahid

16 08 2009

i want amirta &shahid together in bigscreen and aiso in life

26 08 2009

i aiways like shahid wit amirta bcoz dey made for each other.i wish to dey join together.

26 08 2009

i think shahid &amirtha is superb.

26 08 2009

no doubt, shahid and amirtha is a pakka jodi

27 09 2009

shahid with amrita is a beautiful jodi

13 10 2009

i think sahid and amrita are best couple in the wourld plz sahid marry with amrita and forever be happy

24 12 2009

if u ask me, well amrita rao is very nice girl, very different from day today types of girls. she is everything that any family or any mother would like to have as her daughter, as her daughter-in-law. The best part is she respect people, friends, & family values. she is one girl that you would like to fall in love with or have her as your life partner. she is the girl whom we can trust on more than ourself. she is everything but mere pas nahi ….

24 12 2009

i like amrita rao shi’s a mising with shahid kapoor

31 12 2009

shahid and amrita no doubt

3 02 2010
Poorna gandhi

I personally believe that shahid should be with amrita cuz amrita and shahid are at the same level in acting and both r a beautiful couple…I would loooooooove to see amrita n shahid in his next film. I LOVE U BOTH VERRRRRY MUCH!!!

25 02 2010

shahid and amrita looks soooooooooooo cuuuuuteeeeeeeee together i choose amrita rao, idon’ like kareena

6 03 2010

sahid and amrita rao are pppppppppperfect just love to see them together
thay both look cute together

6 03 2010

shahid and amrita rao look pppppppperfect together i will choose amrita just don’t like karrena

30 03 2010


15 05 2010

kareen & shahid are soo best couple in thi hole world i like soo mich

13 10 2010

shahid kareena tum ek ho jayo

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