Kareena Hot or Not?

11 05 2008

There is a big controversy going on in Bollywood if Kareena Kapoor looks hotter than she did before she went to a size zero. People say they miss the bubbly girl and other say she looks fine. So what is she really? Hot or Not. Of course you could comment. But i want you guy’s to know my perspective. I think Kareena looked better before like in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, Khushi, and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. Now she looks weird, she looks anerexic. Not that she is anerexic but she looks weird. I love her but then what would you expect from Kareena, to gain weight? Especially after post sucess Jab We Met. She had a lot of pressure on her because people thought she was to fat so she had no other alternative but to get slim. People also rumor that Tashan didn’t do so well because of Kareena being so thin. I think that the story line of Tashan wasn’t that great! So leave the poor girl alone! 🙂 Also she did faint while she was shooting in Goa, but she claims that it is because it was too hot, i think it is because of her wight lose. But what Kareena say’s goes! 🙂

 Tashan Poster 🙂



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