My Vote: Ranbir with Sonam or Deepika?

11 05 2008

Okay, so I gave you all sometime to vote on which you thought was the better couple Ranbir and Sonam or Ranbir and Deepika! Well as some of you may know my feelings for Deepika if you read some of my posts regarding her. And if not here it is… I absolutely positively hate DEEPIKA PADUKONE from the bottom of my heart… so there it is! Deepika is the most jealous person I have ever seen in this world. Not only is she jealous of Sonam ( which I understand why- because Sonam is drop dead gorgeous) but she is also jealous of anyone who comes near Ranbir such as Bipasha and Katrina. On the other hand Ranbir also is stupid ( even though I love him 🙂 ) for dating her and leaving a beautiful girl as Sonam! … Now don’t get me wrong but I think Deepika is pretty sometimes but seriously she has a big attitude and jealousy problem. She goes around dissing every actress out there. If it wasn’t her for saying that she worked hard to get here and Sonam didn’t because her dad was an actor- I call that a totally rude person! Deepika has no right to judge Sonam or anyone else. Sonam did work hard to get were she is. And I can’t believe Ranbir stopped talking to Sonam or calling her back after she called him and text-ed him, just because Deepika told him that she didn’t like him talking to Sonam! I mean even if he loved Deepika, he shouldn’t have chosen her and leave Sonam his childhood friend behind. So I actually blame Ranbir for all of this… And i guess by now you have realized that I love Sonam and Ranbir’s jodi and they look absolutely incredible together! You still have a chance to vote! Vote Today and your post might be selected and updated on this page! I will be putting up comments starting 5/14/08… So VOTE!!! 🙂


Ranbir and Sonam forever ( make the right choice Ranbir) 🙂




12 responses

13 05 2008

I agreed with what everyone is saying Sonam and Ranbir.

Ranbir stop being an asshole make the right choices before it is too late.

Deppika is a bitch

24 05 2008

omg ranbir comon let be serieus
about what do u whant okk

i think the rigth choice is sonam kapoor and rabir kapoor!!

Deepika is not the rigth girl for u okk
she is not like u at all

sonam is soo cute always smiling with evry one

this is my opinion okk

soo all the best sonam,ranbir,deepika

love u all

24 05 2008

sonam i love u

24 05 2008

i love sonam

24 05 2008

okk ranbir all the best

27 05 2008

RANBIR luks smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarterrrrrrrrrrrrr dan smart with SONAM

22 06 2008

sonam is the best couple for ranbir

28 06 2008

Ranbir with Sonam. Deepika s just a prostitute

10 09 2008

i love u sonam +ranbir

21 09 2008

sonam should marry the guy that she kissed n hugged in her personal pic!!!!!

22 09 2008

Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor ❤

25 12 2008


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