Vidya misbehaving while drunk? :(

11 05 2008

I first heard it from Bollywood Mantra that are very own Vidya Balan the girl who was well behaved and never did any wrong deeds, broke all the rules when she was at a party in London. Vidya never reached that point where she had failed to control herself, but at the party she was heavily drunk that she crossed the limit and lost all her self- respect and respect for others. She went up to the guests at the party and strted to swear and insult them. We only heard that girl for reasons like a wordrobe malfunction or that she has a closeness to Shahid Kapoor (she better not ! 😦 ) which probably haunted the girl for nights but now we know that she’ll never sleep in peace again! It’s okay Vidya mistakes do happen even though that was the biggest mistake you could make in the book of making mistakes! And then again Shahid and Vidya’ s new movie Kismet Konnection is supposed to hit the theaters soon. I wish both Shahid (especially 🙂 ) and Vidya good luck for Kismet Konnection!

Vidya Balan Vidya Balan






One response

12 03 2009

oh my god!! c is a fake. always act as c is an innocent gal. so fake. also c is so ugly but thinks herself beautiful.omg!! someone plz tell her….i really hate her. not only her face but now after readin the above article, i hate her character as well. dirty gal.

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