Why Rishi May Never Go Back to England Again!

15 05 2008

There is bad news for British-Asian fans of Rishi Kapoor – the actor may perhaps never return to England. Reason? He was stopped by the security at the recent Zee Cine Awards. Rishi was with wife Neetu Singh, son Ranbir and his girlfriend Deepika Padukone ( I know it breaks my heart too when I hear Deepika, Ranbir, and them being together in one sentence) at that event. The problem began at the post party when Rishi was stopped by the security at the entrance as they did not recognise him. Rishi did not carry his invite, so he was not allowed. After a few minutes, the actor gave up and walked into the lobby and lit a cigarette. He’d barely had a few puffs when a hotel personnel asked him to step out of the hotel to finish his cigarette as in London, smoking in public places is banned.The actor yelled, “I am not living in British Raj”, and continued to puff away. Only when they threatened to call the security did he step outside the hotel.But his troubles didn’t end there.When he walked out of the hotel, Rishi had a drink in his hand. St James Hotel is directly in front of Scotland Yard and drinking on the streets in London is also banned, so another staff member approached the actor and asked him to not to drink outside the hotel! And of course you rule Rishi no matter how stupid your son is for dating a Padukone! 🙂

 Rishi Rules 🙂




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