Yes, Ranbir and Deepika are ENGAGED! :( :(

15 05 2008

Yes, it is true Ranbir and Deepika are engaged. Deepika herself said that Ranbir purposed to her in November. Read this article from

May 15, 2008 (Sawf News) – Deepika Padukone says she and Ranbir Kapoor are engaged and hope to marry once their careers stabilize. “We are on the threshold of our careers and have a long way to go,” she says, but in five years she hopes to be “Mrs Kapoor and the leading lady of Bollywood.” Deepika made the surprising revelation while speaking with HT City over the phone from Bangkok, where she is currently on location for the film Chandni Chowk to China. Ranbir proposed to her in November, shortly after the release of their debut films Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. “And I happily said yes,” she says, because she was deeply in love with him. “Our parents are happy with our relationship.” The couple had met a few months earlier, through mutual friends, while filming Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. “It was love at first sight. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we liked each other but we needed time for our love to grow before we could make a commitment.” Referring to frequent rumors in the tabloid press about strains in their relationship Deepkia says they have learnt to laugh about them. “At times it can be really upsetting. As we are open about our relationship, people should give some amount of respect to our relationship by not cooking up rumors,” she said. She admitted that the busy schedules of the two young stars keeps them apart over long spells but says: “Ranbir understands as he is a part of the fraternity. The gelling force of our relationship is that we understand each other.”

That’s it I offically hate Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor! That’s it why the hell would he do that to Sonam Kapoor who is 10 times prettier than Deepika. And to break the heart of such an innocent girl while he was working with her. He should go kill himself! I hope that Ranbir and Deepika get married then Ranibr can spend the rest of his life with an ugly girl. And sit there crying, while Sonam is with a hotter more sexier guy! 🙂 LOVE SONAM KAPOOR———- HATE RANBIR!!!!!!!!!!!  I should put Sonam and —- Ranbir’s name far away from each other because Sonam shouldn’t be lowered to Ranbir’s selfish level!!!! I can’t believe you did this Ranbir, we all loved you…. and this is how you repay us… enjoy when all your movies turn out to be flops!!!….. I know I’m being harsh but seriously I can’t help it. Sorry to all those people who love Deepika, I mean I think Deepika is okay, but she has a serious attitude issue. She goes around dissing actresses like Sonam and Amrita Rao.


Enjoy Ranbir and Deepika oh wait that’s Deepika naked with Upen Patel! Whoops, my mistake! 🙂




10 responses

18 10 2008

hey deepika and ranbir i’m just 12 yeare i like the way you do in khuda jaane this song is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL and i wish you all the best byee

25 08 2009

deepika and ranbir ar the sexiest couple1

29 10 2008
renisha oli

bad gal

9 11 2008

hi am 12 years old and like i really like u deepika and ranbir but not to be mean i don’t like how you guys are engaged like i feel like ranbir deserves better because u know what deepika did but like i said i don’t want to be rude or anythin so like yea k well have fun on the day of your marriage!!! =]!!

11 12 2008
liaqat hassani

I Love Sonam Kapoor Becoause she is beutifull
and sexy

10 01 2009

my name is ALISHA i love you ranbir i am more beautiful and hotter than deepika
i am now 20 years old you know deepika looks ugly when she has no make up.. i look beautiful even if i have done no make up i think ranbir should marry sonam kapoor
she looks pretty, even she has no make up on

4 02 2009

hey,ranbir should not marry sonam as sonam is left for me guys…

6 03 2009

get a life alisha

23 03 2009

ranbir looks good wiith deepika,but ranbir and sonam look simple together

3 08 2009

god sent couple

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