Now Deepika lied about her ENGAGEMENT!

19 05 2008

Wow Deepika Padukone is a pretty good lier because for almost 5 day’s everyone believed that she was “engaged” with Ranbir Kapoor. But no there is yet another twist in this story, Deepika’s dad and Ranbir’s family deny all rumours. BUSTED!

Deepika did say that Ranbir proposed to her in November and she happily agreed. It is clamied that she also said that she will be “Mrs. Kapoor and leading lady of Bollywood” in the next five years. Prakash Padukone (Deepika’s Father) says ” We are not even aware of this development and nobody has told us anything. That’s because it is not true!” And Ranbir’s sister Riddhima claimed that Ranbir was shocked when he heard the news. I wonder why? She said ” These are all stupid rumours. I don’t know where they get such bizzare news from! Deepika seems to have misquoted and nothing of the sort has happened. Ranbir who is not in India was suprised when he heard about this. But then it makes us think was Deepika making it up because she didn’t want anyother woman near Ranbir or was it because she’s stupid? I think she both because then wouldn’t she have said “Marriage to bahut dur ki baat hai” -“Marriage is a far topic right now” We can only wait and figure out what will happen with this werid couple. Oh yes i did say in my previous posts about how Ranbir was horrible and i’ll never like him again, and went a little too much overboard with that whole Ranbir-Deepika engament scenerio. I take everything I said bad about Ranbir, back. Well, for now! 🙂





One response

30 05 2008

Hey, i finally found someone who dislikes Deepika as much as i do! I completley agree with you, i always hoped sonam and ranbir would get together, and then deepika wrecked everything. And since he’s been going out with Deepika, you can hardly see him even being in the same place as sonam anywhere. Her scantily clad photoshoot with Upen would make any boyfriend mad-i dont know how Ranbir can go out with her. I dont know if this will help but his star sign is very compatible with sonam’s as opposed to his with Deepika. That makes me smile! Anywyas plz keep dishing out goss about Deepika, i like playing it back to my friend who’s a major supporter (of Deepika)Thankx

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