Vidya in love with a staring with “S”… :(

20 05 2008

There has been sad news that reached me yesterday… Vidya reported that she was not single and is happy… She also gave only a clue and that is that the name begins with a  “S”. Bull-crap!!!!! It better not be Shahid or someone is going to die. I mean I like Vidya but not with Shahid. Shahid and Amrita belong together. So hopefully it is just a joke or some other guy that starts with an “S” or a baby that she’s in love with. If Vidya doesn’t say Shahid I’ll love her for the rest of my life. 🙂

 Vidya Balan above


Shahid and Amrita above 🙂





4 responses

13 06 2008

such a hot scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

13 06 2008


15 07 2008

omg!!!shahid kapoor and amrita rao together??great i love this couple!!!

16 07 2008
sobia parveen

hi amrita rao and shahid kapoor.

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