Kajol said YES to My name is Khan: with SRK ! :)

25 05 2008

A close friend of Ajay Degan’s (Kajol’s husband) said that Kajol has said yes to Karan Johar’s “My name is Khan” read this if you don’t believe me even though you should! 🙂

From: Masala.com

Kareena Kapoor can put her hopes of being cast in My Name Is Khan to rest. For finally, Karan Johar’s first choice, Kajo, has agreed to do the film. Kajol gave the nod to the project on Thursday. “Kajol indeed took a long time to take a call on her participation in Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan, but the problem was that she had not heard the script in detail. This week, she took a long look at the script and finally said yes,” a source close to Kajol’s husband, Ajay Devgan, tells us.”Karan and Kajol go back a long way. Their dosti is not just friendship but respect for each other as well. Kajol could not have refused the film outright,” the insider adds. So how will Kajol adjust to the US schedule? Will her daughter Nysa accompany her? The source says that those things will be sorted out. “Kajol has worked out how to look after Nysa during that period. Whether Nysa will go with her or not is still not known,” our source adds. My Name Is Khan, directed by Karan Johar and stars Karan’s best buddy, Shah Rukh (who is also the co-producer) in the male lead.




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10 03 2009

you are the best i would like to see you i’m from kosova and i wish you came here

14 05 2009
Barni omar

hi this is Barni omar and i am from somalia.

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