Zee Awards: The Fashion/Facial Police (me) Tells It Like It Is!

29 08 2008

On Sunday, April 28, 2008, the stars all gathered together in London, to recieve some shiny metal. There were those who knew that they were going to an awards ceremony, and then there were those that dressed like it was  time for bed! Acting as the fashion police for this red carpet, i’m going to call the shots and tell it like it is. The grading scale will go from 1(what the hell were they thinking) up to 5(wow! now let me steal that!). Feel free to agree or disagree!

                                                                                                            ~ CharmedbyU 🙂

Pictures provided by bollywood hungama, all rights are reserved to their rightful owners:



Yes… I Know I’m Hot!!!!!!!


I’ll just stand here and do Um… nothing!


Like my mustache…and what about my glasses… Hot isn’t it !!!


I love Kareena but why is she so oily? Like her tan! And Why is Saif looking at her purse so deeply… I think he’s planning to rob it and run for it….


Kareena: We’re a real couple..honest to god… Um… It isn’t working out as I planned!!

Um… Is he going to say something, or is he trying to kiss someone?


Yeah.. I’ll just stand and say nothing!


What the hell you lookin at?


Someone is happy or on drugs!


I’m better than you so I stick my tongue out!



Let’s just walk and say nothing…

Um… No… I didn’t… Um…. Okay… I’m going to faint… WATER!!!!!!!!!!!


Um… Hello… How are you?… Fine..


Okay Shilpa Shetty really has dressing issues.



Her dress is fine but her face isn’t!


A little Too much Kajal but very pretty.






Okay someone is REALLY ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Pretty as always!!

Nice!!! Whoever she is !!!


Okay… Deepika’s clothes are too ordinary party wear… And she’s a little too stiff.. I guess because Ranbir isn’t around to answer stupid questions given to her.





Horrible jewelery and hair style.


 I shall speak will my eyes closed!




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