Vidya ready to kill Gauri for Shahrukh Khan

31 08 2008

You know all the buzz about Ms.Balan and her “Shah” man that everyone suspected was my man Shahid Kapoor. Well it turned out that it was the King of Bollywood himself Shahrukh Khan, and not the hot Prince Shahid. Here’s what Vidya said:  (From: – all rights reserved-copyright)

Mumbai, Aug 31: Bollywood’s vivacious diva Vidya Balan recently opened up about her special konnection with none other than the King Khan. Declaring her love for SRK on a TV show, Vidya apparently stated that she would be even killing the actor’s wife, Gauri Khan, for getting SRK, the man of her dreams.

Shah Rukh, of course, has an unbelievably immense female fan following, from both inside and outside the industry, but no one till now has come out as daring as Vidya newly did.

The lady, however, made that unexpected statement in light humour while she was chit-chatting with Sajid Khan (with whom she has been previously linked with) on the TV show ‘Sajid’s Superstars’.

Well done Vidya, but we hope your love for Shah Rukh didn’t come as big a shock for Shahid as for many. Oops, did we just say Shahid? Sorry, please ignore, we are talking about Sajid, of course!

Vidya must be so happy that the love of her life is RIGHT next to her, of course to her right, to our right is Saif and if Kareena found out that Vidya liked Saif than that would be another whole drama… Well yeah… Um… what’s wrong with Shahrukh Khan and why does it look like he’s day-dreaming… Maybe he’s thinking of Gauri. !!!




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