Interview: Who is it for Minissha-Ranbir or Imran?

30 09 2008

In her upcoming film opposite Imran Khan, Minissha Lamba has gone in for an image makeover. So, how was it playing such an outgoing character?

“It was anything but easy. It was much out of my safe zone, as I have never dressed like her. My attitude towards life and other things might be the same, but definitely not my body language,” says the petite actress. 

What about the most talked-about bikini scene? “It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The only thing I was worried about was that I should be fit enough to sport a bikini,” she clarifies. Did that involve rigorous workouts and diets? “Yes, I had to go through all that. It was tedious, but then being thin is not enough nowadays, you have to be toned and fit. It was a challenge for me,” says she.

What is her character like in the film? “My character, Sonia, lives on her own terms. She gets a high with parties, bikes, swimming and so much more. Even when she is kidnapped, she makes life hard for the kidnapper. She takes him head on. She is a very adventurous and unabashed kind of person. It was fun playing her,” says the chirpy actress.

Of the two new hunks in Bollywood — Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan — who was more fun to work  with? “That’s a completely unfair question. Both of them are my buddies and they were so much fun to be with. We come from the same generation, and that’s why we could open up to one another,” she explains.
So, does this friendship go beyond films
as well? “Everybody is busy nurturing their personal relationships, so it’s very difficult to get time for new ones,” she replies.

Given a chance, would she go in for a negative role or maybe an action role? “Of course! It takes a right role from a right maker to be remembered. What’s the point of playing run-of-the-mill characters? One has to work towards being different,” she says.

If she means what she says, then she knows what she is talking about. Well I guess she didn’t choose anyone. But we secretly know it’s Ranbir she’s just scared to say it because of Deepika. 😉




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