Amrita Rao: “Shahid is such a brat” :)

2 11 2008

Shahid is such a brat. I didn’t really get scared as I was expecting a prank from him, says Amrita Rao.

Shahid Kapur appears to be having a blast on the sets of Sooraj Barjatya’s latest film Vivaah. He has been spending much of his free time playing pranks on his co-stars and technicians.

And he’s encouraged by the fact that since he’s the youngest in the team, most of his senior actors are indulgent about his pranks.

One day Shahid announced that he was going to play his choicest prank on someone in the unit. “We all kept waiting for him to play his prank,” says a unit hand.

“Everyone in the unit was extra careful. But he did nothing the entire day.” The very next day when no one was expecting a prank, he played one on Amrita Rao.

They were shooting in north India, and Shahid was aware that Amrita is petrified of ghosts. “Knowing that Amrita gets easily scared by ghost stories, Shahid casually narrated some really spooky incidents to Amrita on the sets.

She tried to avoid listening to them, but Shahid chased her around with his stories,” informs our source from the sets.

After telling her ghost stories through the day, Shahid asked his make-up  man to put on glow paint and make up his face to look like a spirit.

He then sent him over to Amrita’s make-up room. Amrita was removing her make-up and preparing for bed, when she heard a knock on her door.

After a few minutes, she heard another knock on the door. This time she opened the door and thought she saw a ghost standing in the corridor.

For a few seconds, Amrita was confused, considering her mind was teeming with ghost stories. But within moments she realised that it was Shahid’s make-up man standing before her, wearing glow paint.

“I knew from the urgency of the knock on my room that it was Shahid and that he was up to another prank,” says Amrita. “He is such a brat. I didn’t really get scared as I was expecting a prank from him.”

Old news…. but still funny!




One response

2 11 2008

oh that is very cute! Shahid is such a loveable guy. i’m sure the whole unit had a blast!

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