Kareena not happy with Amrita Arora’s decision!

20 11 2008


                                        ( Source: masala.com)

The entire industry is aware that Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora are the best of buddies and care a lot for each other.

Recently, when Kareena got the news of Amrita’s plan to get married to boyfriend Shakeel Ladak next year she was quite upset.

She is worried mainly about Amrita’s career, which is somewhat on a high right now.

Reportedly, Amrita has decided to tie the knot under pressure from her family.

Amrita has been in and out of relationships in the past and hence the family does not want to take any more chances. They want that like sister Malaika, who got married when she was 23, Amrita also should get married as she is already 28.

According to sources, Kareena thinks it’s too soon for Amrita to settle down. She feels that she should think before rushing into this big decision.

The source further added that Bebo always speaks her mind. She also feels that Amu’s career is now looking up and it is a wrong decision for her to get hitched right now. Kareena wants Amu to give some more time to her relationship with Shakeel and not jump into marriage right away.

Well I guess Kareena shouldn’t be talking because Saif Ali Khan her beau is talking about getting married to Kareena shortly….Read post on Saif on marriage with Kareena!




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