Priyanka Chopra as “Goddess of Atlantis” Dubai!

20 11 2008
Priyanka, according to reports, is the chosen one by the Dubai’s newest name in luxury resorts, Atlantis. The actress will be dressed like a goddess and will introduce Atlantis with ‘Atlantis Rising’, a spectacular firework by the famous Grucci Family, who were behind the pyrotechnics performed in Beijing Olympics.

As reported, the gala ceremony will witness celebrities from all spheres. The VIP list includes names like Lindsay Lohan, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and Gerard Butler from Hollywood. The singers Janet Jackson, Lily Allen and basketball star Michael Jordan will grace the event. Tom Cruise is also on the invited list, but the actor hasn’t confirmed his presence.
Dubai, the city with many Bollywood fans, can also see their favourite Bollywood stars like the saucy actress

Mallika Sherawat.

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue will perform at the show. Lindsay Lohan’s friend DJ Samantha Ronson is the host for last segment of the function named, ‘Atlantis Afterglow’, winding all the events of the dazzling night. Business tycoons, politicians, CEOs and the members of the Dubai royal family sum up the gigantic list which contains 2000 invitees.

The Ambanis and the Hindujas are also invited for the function, along with the Moranis. It is reported that world’s top-notched chefs will take the charge for the grand treat called ‘Atlantean Feast’.

The magnificent function, scheduled for today, is a splendid, lavish affair of $40 million. Priyanka’s look of goddess will be styled by the artists from US. Now that’s a treat.

Good Job Priyanka Chopra! She’s reaching higher and higher and so far her life looks to be going smoothly.





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