Kareena and Saif buy an apartment!

3 12 2008


The interior design work has been given to Twinkle Khanna.

According to Kareena,” I have told Saif that I will be giving him points while working with him for Karan’s film and only after the schedule is over will I decide whether he has become my favorite co-star or not. My favorite co-star is Akshay Kumar as there is a great comfort level while working with him. Karishma and I are very close to Twinkle Khanna who is designing Saif`s and my flat in Bandra.”

A source adds, ” These days Kareena’s career is at peak and she does not want to do marry soon. She is just 27 and still has at least 6-7 more years to go before she goes her sister Karisma’s way. Karisma Kapoor married only after she felt she had achieved something in her career as an actress. Saif Ali Khan loves Kareena Kapoor and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. But Kareena is in no hurry. So both, with the consent of their families have decided to live-in before they get married.”

~I have no clue why this news is so big in Bollywood but whatever I posted it so you guy’s could get the ‘BIG’ scoop! 🙂




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