Salman Khan defeats Shahrukh Khan in Hot Body!

4 12 2008


Mumbai, Dec 04: Salman Khan is at last smiling ear-to-ear as he has scored a point over bitter rival Shah Rukh. The actor known for a stunning physique has always been health conscious and has regularly worked out to remain fit and young.

His effort seems to be finally paying off as India has chosen him to be the role model of health and happiness. 


According to a survey conducted by the Complete Wellbeing magazine, “India’s choice for its role model of health is Salman Khan with 26% votes coming his way while Shahrukh Khan is the next choice at 24% votes.”

The survey, conducted by the global market research company for the magazine to select India’s role models of health and happiness in entertainment, business, sports and politics fields. Men and women between 25–45 years of age across eight metros voted for their role models and the result was quite interesting.

Surprisingly, number three position went to Amitabh Bachchan instead of Hrithik Roshan or Akshay Kumar. While son Abhishek Bachchan was chosen Ahmedabad’s idol for health, daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan received maximum votes from her home state, Bengaluru.

Disappointingly, John Abraham’s fantastic physique figured at no 10 for health with just 4% votes.

In the entertainment section, Shah Rukh turned out to be the winner, with Sallu lagging behind in the second position. Amitabh maintained his post at number three, while fourth place was claimed by Akshay Kumar securing 12% votes. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared the ninth slot with 5% votes.

Now, we have all the reasons to warn Shah Rukh against indulging in fist-fight against Salman. Getting physical with the health king can be real dangerous, SRK!

~ I guess it makes sense for Sallu to beat SRK because SRK does smoke! Bad Shahrukh…DON’T SMOKE!!




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11 12 2008
raj rajput

hi salman khan how ru…………….

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