Shahid-Priyanka Movie Postponed!

4 12 2008


Vishal Bharadwaj was shooting for his film Kaminay on Wednesday night, the night when the terrorists attacked. He was shooting along with Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra at Horniman circle. Unfortunately he had to stop shooting immediately when the terrorists started firing at the CST circle.

When asked Vishal agreed to the fact that the shooting of his film had been stopped and that he is uncertain as to when he would resume shooting. He also said that he was fortunate enough to have a narrow escape as his set was very close to all the three venues. When he heard the gunshots he thought they were fireworks. It’s only later that he found out what had happened actually.

His wife Rekha said the film would be halt till the police give the green signal. She is also uncertain when they would resume shooting because the film has to be shot only in South Mumbai as per the script. She conveys her condolences to the families who are affected in the attacks.

~Well I hope this movie gets back to shooting and that the situations in Mumbai get better. I also hope that Priyanka, Shahid, and all the people in India stay safe and out of harms way. 🙂




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