Salman to romance two hot women!

7 12 2008

Salman Khan is riding forties and getting hair implants but is never running short of beautiful young women to romance on the screen.


The latest hot actress is Lisa Lazarus. Lisa is a Miss UK who has represented her country in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant. She is all set to make her movie debut opposite Salman Khan in his next project, Veer.

Lisa is currently studying radiography Hertford Shire University. This very British beauty has come to Mumbai to romance Bollywood hunk Salman Khan

Veer is a period drama set in British India. Lisa is to play a British Beauty who comes to India with her officer father and falls in love with Salman Khan’s character.

Newcomer Zarine Khan is also part of the film, playing the second love interest of Salman Khan.

The two beauties might be giving Katrina Kaif sleepless nights currently.

~ I don’t think that Katrina will have any sleepless nights because she has nothing to be worried about being an Indian beauty. Plus Salman is not a dhokebaaj (cheater)! We love Salman and Katrina and nothing will hopefully change that!




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