Biggest Films to look out for in 2009!!!

14 12 2008


As the year that was 2008 comes to a close and we all reflect back on the year that was we thought we’d take a glimpse into the future to bring you the biggest films to look forward to in ’09! 

‘Kambakht Ishq’:  This film has been buzzed about ever since it hit the floors!  Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor star in this movie that has been shot in locales such as Los Angeles and Italy.  Plus let’s not forget the addition of Hollywood actors Denise Richards, Sylvester Stallone and Brandon Routh.  Sounds like this film might take Akki’s spot in B-Town one notch higher.

‘Billo Barber‘:  The film’s producer and star is Shahrukh Khan (enough said!) and also stars Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta.  It’s a remake of a Malayalam film and it also will feature guest appearances by Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor.  The film garners attention purely based on SRK.

‘London Dreams’:  Salman Khan’s films may not have done too well in 2008, but we’re pinning our hopes on the film based on a rock band and their friendships.  The film also stars Ajay Devgun and ‘Ghajini’ beauty, Asin.

‘Veer’:  Another one of Salman Khan’s films, but this time around Sallu’s written the script!  The film is supposed to be a take on Hollywood’s ‘Gladiator’ and also stars British beauty Lisa Lasarus.  Beefcake Sallu as a gladiator?  Yeah, that sounds about right!

‘Naagin‘ – the Snake Woman’:  It’s Mallika Sherawat’s next attempt in Hollywood.  The film stars Mallika in a non-speaking role, as a, you guessed it, snake woman.  The film is directed by Jennifer Lynch and also stars Irrfan Khan.

‘My Name is Khan’:  For the first time since 2001’s ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ audiences will get to witness the magical pairing of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!  Not to mention the fact the guy to finally get the two together again is super producer and director for the film, Karan Johar!  The film is based on a real life couple living in Los Angeles and stars SRK as a man with a mild case of autism.

These are just a few films that are already on radar, there promises to be a whole lot more as time goes on.  Here’s to a successful 2009!




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