Producers tell Kareena to GAIN weight!!!

14 12 2008


Who would’ve thought with all the skimpy outfits we see on Bollywood actress today, being super skinny would not be an issue. Well it turns out it is. Poor. Kareena Kapoor’s hard work to remain reed thin has gone to waste! Producers have asked Kareena Kapoor to put on some pounds because her thin frame doesn’t go down too well with the Indian audience who prefer to see a fuller body. Really? What about Shilpa Shetty or Katrina Kaif? They look super skinny to me!
Kareena Kapoor has worked hard to structure a strict diet to remain ultra skinny.The diva even makes it a point to let her dietician know about her travelling plans in advance so that her dietician can find places for her to eat at when she is out of town. Whether she is in New York or Bangkok her dietician will hook her up with places that can cater to her skinny bitch diet!
Producer’s expectations for Kareena Kapoor to gain some more meat on her body will require a major lifestyle change for the actress. The actress is seriously concerned about whether or not she can gain the weight. Of course her beau, Saif Ali Khan
 can’t stand  seeing his girl stress, so to ease her worries, he has stepped in. Saif Ali Khan has instructed his cook and personal trainer to help Kareena Kapoor with the process. How sweet of him! So are we going to see a heavier Kareena Kapoor in her next film? I guess we will have to find out! What are your views on the super stars body?  Do you think Kareena Kapoor should me eating a little more? Let us know your thoughts!




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