I am the surprise package of Ghajini: Jiah Khan (interview)

19 12 2008


Why did you disappear for a while after Nishabd?
I was busy and very involved with Ghajini, so that’s why.

What is Ghajini all about?
Ghajini is a thriller. In the film I play the role of a medical student who is doing brain studies and gradually Aamir Khan is admitted to the same hospital. The film is quite interesting and I’m sure audiences will also like the film.

Have you seen the Tamil version of Ghajini?
Yes, I have seen the Tamil version of Ghajini and I also liked the songs of that film.

Tell us about your role in the film.
Sunita, my character is a modern girl who stays in Mumbai. She is a medical student who is studying the human brain but at the same time she is a very adventurous and curious person. This film is quite different and I was thrilled to play such an adventurous role.

In this film you have done some stunts, so how did you prepare for them?
Oh yes in this film I have done lots of running, chasing as in the film I provide the thriller aspect. The stunts have been taught by Peter Haynes and it was quite a thrilling experience as I was very nervous before we started preparing for the stunts as it was my first time with action.

What is the best thing about working with Aamir?
Working with Aamir Khan was quite a good experience for me. The best thing about Aamir Khan is that no matter how many takes he or I gave he just made sure that every take was better than the previous one. Sometimes when you are acting and doing retakes, things get monotonous and your performance goes from bad to worse but Aamir makes sure you get better with each take.

So do you have any memories from the sets?
There was one action sequence which we were shooting in Versova and we were in the middle of Mumbai traffic and there was a huge crowd of people and we were shooting this huge running sequence and we had to run in the middle of the traffic. I was quite nervous and it was a nerve wracking scene as I haven’t done something like that before.

We heard that you were not happy earlier with the promotion of the film as Asin was getting more attention?
Not at all, I think it’s her debut film so she definitely required more attention. It’s very important for me to know the marketing strategy of the film. Ghajini’s marketing has been done in three phases; first Aamir, then Aamir and Asin and then Aamir and me as I am the surprise package of the film.

We have heard Aamir helped you learn Urdu. What have you learnt?
Not exactly, as when I was struggling with the dialogues, Aamir used to help me out as he is very well versed in Hindi and Urdu. I have researched the dialogues. It was very important for me to be perfect with the dialogues as my scenes are very dramatic and I have to say the dialogues very fast and there is lot of shouting which made me nervous. So, Aamir helped me out.

Which is your favourite scene from Ghajini and why?
There is one scene in which I am screaming continuously. It was difficult for me because I don’t scream and shout in real life but luckily I did it one take.

Which Bollywood actor has the perfect body according to you?
You know Aamir looks fantastic as he has worked hard for two years to look like this. So I must give him the credit and I think he has a fantastic physique.

Tell us about your film Yahoo with Shahid Kapoor.
Yahoo is a fun, commercial film and there are lots of children in it. The film has many international choreographers and it was fun working with Shahid who is an excellent dancer. We recently shot a promotional song together.

When will you start shooting for Sajid Khan’s Housefull?
I will start shooting for Housefull in a couple of months.




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