Aamir Khan has a six pack?

22 12 2008


I can’t remember if Aamir Khan ever did the flaunting his chest thing through the years, but now he has definitely jumped on that bandwagon. After Shah Rukh Khan and his steroid-ridden pecs, John Abraham and his perpetual toplessness, Salman Khan showing off his body whenever he gets a chance, Aamir is also taking the sexy route for his new movie Ghajini. The role is action-orientated, so Aamir has lots of opportunities to take his shirt off…his young fans should be happy about that, if they ignore the fact that he’s old enough to be their father.

Despite the weird haircut, Aamir still looks pretty good for a 40-something year old, but other fans who aren’t in it for the 6-pack might be happy to know that Aamir will not be flaunting his chest in his other new movie 3 Idiots. In it Aamir will be playing a college student (don’t even get me started on the casting there…he’s a brilliant actor, but he’s not 22, and doesn’t look it either). But he won’t be taking off his shirt there and is hoping that his acting will sell the character more than his pecs.

The movie should be interesting, since it’s based on the book  5 Point Someone.




One response

1 11 2009

wow so sexy.
i like…

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