Chandni Chowk to Bangkok???

22 12 2008

 Chandni Chowk to Thailand

I feel so betrayed…so incredibly hurt. I can’t believe Bollywood would lie to us in such a blatant and remorseless manner…I thought the industry was known for it’s integrity and strong morals, but no! Bollywood is lying to you…a movie that’s supposed to be shot in China…is being shot in Bangkok, Thailand instead! Liars! Deceivers! Deluders! Fibbers! Fabricators! Tricksters!

Ok, I ran out of synonyms. Whatever, it’s no shock to anyone that Bollywood prefers to stick around where it’s welcome and China hasn’t always been India’s best friend. So when Chandni Chowk to China (starring Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone) was being shot (with the largest number of racist stereotypes they could cram into it) during the Olympic games, it was eventually denied filming rights and so the shoot was moved to Bangkok because it’s supposed to be similar to China…

Director Nikhil Advani explains,

“It was the year of the Olympics in China and it became impossible beyond a point to shoot in the country where our film is based. Maybe a quieter less flamboyant film, but not the kind of action that Akshay has shot.”

So there, now you know the dirty deceptions behind Bollywood. I’m still not over the betrayal.




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