Hrithik Roshan shy infront of his dad!

22 12 2008

                               Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan

You know what’s worse than making out with your wife in front of your parents? Making out with someone else who isn’t your wife in front of your parents.

Hrithik Roshan may be able to jump between trees and fight fire but when it comes to his dad, he’s a bit shy. Shooting for his new movie Kites with Brazilian model Barbara Mori, Hrithik and Barbara had a sensual scene to shoot. Those kinds of scenes are awkward enough as it is but when Rakesh Roshan was on set, Hrithik couldn’t shoot at all.

So director Anurag Basu asked Rakesh to leave before the shooting could carry on.

Wow, so Hrithik called Suzanne all the way to Las Vegas see him make out with a model. Mean. And anyway his dad will see it…. IT”S A MOVIE!!! Anyway we love Hrithik no matter how dirty he gets!! 🙂




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