Imran Khan loses weight!

22 12 2008


First story tonight, Imran Khan and his new movie, which will hopefully do a lot better than Kidnap, mainly because this is another one affiliated with Aamir Khan…and honestly, Aamir doesn’t do much wrong these days…on the other hand, he did tell Imran that Kidnap was good when it was absolute tripe.

Anyways, Imran is in the middle of shooting for his uncle’s next film Delhi Belly, no translations needed there, and since his character is supposed to look a little lean (read: scrawny), Imran is doing one of those unhealthy diets where he only eats once a day.

Se speaks about his looks,

“I am on a strict diet, having one meal a day. That’s the demand of the character. He has to look lean. Aamir Uncle has asked me to follow a regime, you know how particular he is about everything,”

Ugh, I hate diets, and this one is quite strange because Imran is already thin. But Imran is planning to buff-up after the movie is done so he can get ready to shoot for Luck, his next flop film with Sanjay Dutt.




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