Kareena goes to Saif’s ancestral home!

22 12 2008

Kareena Saif

I’m going to start this post on a personal note (since there’s no where else to write it and I’m useless at keeping a personal blog), since Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan seem to be drifting closer to tying the knot. I never really understood marriage, where one person finds someone else that they want to spend the rest of their life with…in most cases they usually don’t now a days, but still. How does anyone find that exact right person? It’s just one of those thoughts that is completely mind-boggling to me…but now onwards to things even more trivial than my random thoughts, Bebo’s and Saif’s relationship.

The most recent development in their love story is that Kareena will be visiting the ancestral home of his family, since she has acclimatized so well into his family. He talks about her visit and the near future,

“Yes, Kareena has been invited to Pataudi. It’d have been earlier. But it’s too hot right now. Winter is when our family reunions happen every year. And Kareena is now part of the family. My parents are extremely fond of Kareena.”

“This relationship is ‘IT’ for me. Today I feel very settled and very happy. Though a bit lonely. And when I’ve bad days I feel I’m being ungrateful. I’m now looking forward to settling down with Kareena.

Our marriage will happen very shortly as soon as we both have a little less work on hand and we can give the marriage quality time. Also, her family has to be ready for our marriage.”

Hehe, he admitted that they’re not doing a lot of work. While it might be petty, that just makes me laugh.




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