How long do we have to wait for Khan?

28 12 2008

kajol and Shah Rukh

So, firstly it took ages to convince Kajol to act with Shah Rukh Khan again and now the new problem has arisen with the fact that most of Khan’s principal shooting is supposed to take place in America. The Mumbai Attacks has become another 9/11 and distrust against Muslims has increased (again).

So basically, the only Muslim from the cast allowed to have an American visa is Shah Rukh and every other cast and crew member (Muslims) have been declined, so the start of Khan or My Name is Khan (I wish they’d make up their mind on the title) has been delayed again.

Even after explanations that the cast and crew were only there for shooting, their request was denied and everyone has to reapply for visas. Remember the good old days when accusing someone of discrimination would have guilted them into doing what you wanted? Doesn’t work that way anymore, sadly enough.




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