Sonam and Deepika…friends???

28 12 2008


You wouldn’t expect Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor to even have a cordial relation with each other, forget being friends. The two were pitted against each other as arch rivals professionally (Deepika’s debut film Om Shanti Om and Sonam’s debut Saawariya released on the same day – November 9 2007) as well as personally (Ranbir and Sonam were a couple before Ranbir started seeing Deepika). But the buzz is that the two actresses have become good friends. This happened after Deepika broke the ice and went out of her way to extend her hand of friendship to Sonam.

A source close to the actress said, “Deepika is down-to-earth and friendly by nature. This so-called wall between the two was eating into her. So she decided to initiate a friendship by giving Sonam a gift during Diwali. Sonam was pleasantly surprised at Deepika’s sweet gesture and thanked her profusely. That broke the supposed cold vibes between the two. With the guard let down from both the sides, the actresses spoke their heart out to each other and put aside their differences. At the end of their conversation, they both realised that there was no animosity from both the ends and decided to be friends. Since then Deepika and Sonam have remained good friends. Besides meeting regularly, the actresses enjoy their girlie talk over calls and smses and even hang out. Recently they even went to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, albeit in a group which also had Ranbir.”

Gone are the days when Sonam and Ranbir would avoid bumping into each other at filmi dos and common friends parties.

The source added, “Things have changed today. If Ranbir and Sonam share a cordial relationship today it is thanks to Deepika.”

We sent text messages to Deepika and Sonam but they both remained unavailable for comment.

~ Ask me on what this is all about and I could tell you various things such as :

1) Deepika and Sonam might  just truely be friends! 🙂

2) People spread rumors on behalf of Deepika to show she is a caring person.

3) This might just be an act for a rumorerd movie starring : Ranbir,Sonam,Deepika .

4) Plain everyday rumor.

5) Deepika wants to get rid of Ranbir and so she’s going to become friends with Sonam and …Ranbir + Sonam will fall in love and then Deepika will blame the break-up on Sonam 🙂 (JOKING)

We might never find out.

ANYWAYS click on this title and comment on what you think this is all about. Please be approprite ! 🙂




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