Imran and Minissha Good Friends!

29 12 2008

                        Imran and Minissha

It makes sense that co-stars would become friends on the sets of a film but apparently Imran Khan and Minissha Lamba have become awfully good friends that Kidnap director Sanjay Gandhvi has a hard time separating them when it comes to scenes.



Apparently, Minissha and Imran joke and talk between scenes, which is great for their chemistry but makes it hard to shoot serious scenes where Minissha’s character is supposed to be angry at Imran’s. Sometimes Sanjay tells them to stay away from each other just to achieve the right feel to the scene.

Imran is taking his new bad boy avatar a bit too seriously though and while shooting for Kidnap, insisted that he be allowed to do his own stunts, one which consisted of jumping from a 20-story building. While Sanjay wanted to use a stunt double, Imran convinced him not to and was getting ready for the scene.

However, the other Sanjay on set, Sanjay Dutt, decided enough was enough and called Aamir to tell him what exactly his nephew was doing. Needless to say, Aamir soon called Imran and convinced that he was still too young to do a stunt like that.

Old people…they always ruin the fun.




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