I officially like Deepika Padukone!!!

7 01 2009


As you know I am well…WAS…a Deepika Padukone hater. What sparked my anger towards Deepika was the fact that she never embraced Sonam Kapoor as  Sonam went on praising Deepika every minute. But as soon as I read this article and heard that Deepika Padukone was FRIENDS with Sonam Kapoor, my views on Deepika have totally changed. Even though I am quiet upset that the Ranbir-Sonam couple pairing I hoped that would turn-out an off-screen couple did not come true. 😦  But I guess we have to move on because both Deepika and Sonam have accepted each-other. Enough of me talking… here’s the amazing Interview with Deepika Padukone.

January 05, 2009, (Sawf News) – Deepika Padukone has rubbished press reports of strains in her relationship with beau Ranbir Kapoor and says a marriage is very much on the cards.

Deepkia also confirmed that she has become good friends with Ranbir’s friend, Sonam Kapoor.

Asked if she and Ranbir were facing problems, Deepika told TOI:

“Rubbish! I celebrated my birthday with him yesterday. I’m very happy and secure in my relationship with him.”

So was a marriage on the cards?

“Of course!” she responded. “We have discussed it. But right now both of us need to focus on our careers. What tomorrow holds for us I do not know. I’m committed to my career till the end of 2010.”

On her patch up with Sonam Kapoor.

“There wasn’t any fight for us to patch up. Our films released at the same time. Today we have become close friends. We hook up, go to the spa, watch films and generally party together. She is a warm and sweet girl.” 🙂

Deepika, who has a perfect score card in Bollywood, with two films both of hit, will be next seen in Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk to China opposite Akshay Kumar.

The film is an action-comedy about a lowly Mumbai cook who is mistaken for a martial arts hero.

Deepika plays a dual role in it as two contrasting personalities: Meow, a sexy and brash girl, and Sakhi, who is very tacky with over-the-top makeup.

The film is due for release on January 16.




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