Priyanka and Katrina fight it out at the awards show!!!

17 01 2009

Mumbai, Jan 15: After the no more size-zero splendor Kareena Kapoor shunned her screen awards performance, the organizers called for Arjun Rampal to cover-up the show. 

Arjun performed his favourite ‘Rock On’ number to which the four Bollywood hotties, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif grooved. But, their entry onto the stage was much more controversial than Kareena’s exit form the show, as Katrina and Priyanka indulged in major a argument on who was to be the showstopper!

Phew… the two seductress were too much to handle, as the organizers had to rush to them to get them to do the act co-operatively. After continuous rounds of pleading and begging, Priyanka succumbed and agreed on Katrina presenting the final act.

On number along with Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone, with Priyanka performing the grand finale. Our source from the venue told us that when Katrina got wind of the plan, she was upset and insisted that she wanted to be the last one to perform.

A source from the event said, “Both Priyanka and Katrina had to step on the stage along with Bipasha and Deepika while Arjun Rampal waited for them.”

“Priyanka did not like it and stood her ground. There was huge chaos all around and the organisers didn’t know what to do.” However, better sense prevailed and Priyanka decided to step aside and let Katrina enter last.

If Priyanka hadn’t agreed to step aside Arjun’s act would have gone for a toss. One must say that Priyanka was magnanimous. The organisers were shocked when they learnt about Priyanka and Katrina’s fight,” added the source.

On being asked about the whole incident, Katrina in an interview to a tabloid said, “Frankly, I don’t care about such things. And don’t be silly. I was always supposed to enter last and that’s what I did.”

Well, guess Bollywood’s turning out be a boxing ring for the sexy B-town beauties!  But I actually liked both Priyanka and Katrina I wish they didn’t fight!!! I thought all was well between them because  Priyanka is and was doing many films with Katrina’s beau Salman Khan??



6 responses

25 08 2009

Priyanka is much better than katrina and other bollywood actresses.If we compared to photos of katrina and priyanka , priyanka seems 100 times better than katrina. priyanka was miss world which is known as the beautiful girl of the whole world ,but what’s katrina,neither she has win such awards,neither she looks beautiful.she is just a model turn actress.And priyanka is the best dancer than katrina.If katrina sees the priyanka’s desi girl song then she will ran away. Don’t worry piggy choops u are always the best for all people and u are the hottest girl in the world

25 08 2009

hey u katrina go to hell. u are not beautiful and not aperfect dancer

6 11 2009

katrina sux… priyanka is wayy better than her.. dont worry pri u’ll always b my favorite

30 01 2010

ARJUN RAMPAL very luky to dance with BIPASHA BASU and PRIYANKA CHOPRA.He make a very nice pair with PRIYANKA and i want to see him with BIPASHA.I see him with BIPS in DARNA ZAARORI HAI but i want more.And defintely PRIYANKA is better than KATRINA KAIF.I belive that KATRINA is not pretty and i don`t like her.I like more PRIYANKA,BIPS and DEEPIKA.Kiss you ARJUN,BIPS,DEEPIKA and PRIYANKA./

7 02 2010

u guys r right piryanka is sexy more than katrina i am so sori katrina ur nt hot as piryanka

27 08 2010

hahhaaha sorry KK………love PC……

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