Aesthetically done, kissing onscreen isn’t an issue:Shahid Kapoor

18 01 2009

Actor Shahid Kapur’s been missing in action but he will have 4 releases in 2009 including. Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kameene where he will be turning on the heat courtesy an on screen kiss with co-star Priyanka Chopra. He spoke to CNN IBN about all that and much more.


CNN-IBN: We haven’t seen much of Shahid Kapoor for a while.


Shahid Kapur: Well i have been working a lot, last year was a little slow for me. this year I have four releases and you will see more of me.


CNN-IBN: There is a lot of buzz that about you and Priyanaka Chopra doing a kissing scene in your next release.


Shahid Kapur: You know, I have always heard that the lesser you talk about the movie, the more curious the people are. So I will keep quiet.


CNN-IBN: How comfortable are you as an actor doing intimate scenes or kissing scenes.


Shahid Kapur: It’s very individual. Depends upon the actor, as far as it is aesthetically done and comfortably done its not a problem at all.


CNN-IBN: You are doing a movie with your dad is what we hear?


Shahid Kapur: Yes, it is a huge moment for me- after 30 years of acting he has finally stepped into a director’s shoes and its wonderful to be directed him. I have been pesturing him for three years now and he finally agreed to make a movie.


CNN-IBN: Akshay, SRK, Aamir, who is your pick?


Shahid Kapur: I think Aamir is my inspiration. I have learnt from him that do whatever you feel is right do not listen to others and he has been successful at it. So I have a great admiration for him.

 I think I might not like this movie because of Shahid charectar, I personally liked him as the “chocolate boy” with Amrita Rao like Vivah and Ishq Vishk…. i know he can’t do those kind of roles all the time but i don’t think his negative role in “Kaminey ” will work??




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19 01 2009
samrat kapur

i love you shahid. shahid is my best acior

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