Priyanka talks about her phone and what it means to her!

18 01 2009

Priyanka Chopra says she loves her mobile and cannot live without it. The actress says apart from using it to make calls, she uses it as her diary to remind her of appointments, birthdays and other events. She also tells us who she talks most to on the phone.

So who is the one person you talk most to on the phone?

My Mom…she is the person whom I call the most. ‘Mummy tiffin bheja kya, Mummy kapde bhijwaye kya? Mummy mere jute nikalwa do, mummy paise bhijwaye do because I never have money….And sometimes I call her up to say ‘Mom I love you!’

What do you use your phone for?

I am a big phone person. I use it not only for talking and sending smses but also as a calendar, phonebook, videos and photographs. I shoot my performances on the phone to check. I have music on the phone… You can say my entire life is in this one little gadget.

What would you do if you lose your phone?

The first though would be to try and remember if I had left anything suspicious on my phone… Something that if someone got hold of, would I be in trouble? Have I deleted all my messages? And also my contacts! All my contacts are on my phone.

What about your wallpaper or screensaver? Do you keep changing that?

There is a different story behind wallpapers. My wallpapers change according to my mood. If I am upset my wallpaper is of a moon or a star. If I am happy then it will be picture of me and my friend. Recently I was shooting for my film Kaminay in Panvel where I saw a very sweet boy so I took his picture and that was my wallpaper for very long.




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