Rishi Kapoor speaks about “Delhi-6” and Abhishek + Sonam!!

18 01 2009
Mumbai: “I’m really happy that after a long time I’m getting to play character roles which have not only touched me but make sense. I’m very happy” Those were the words coming from the elated Rishi Kapoor when we recently met him in Bandra. I remember our last interaction was in London during last years Zee Cine Awards where Chintu uncle was in a foul mood after having a row with the hotel staff at the after party of Zee Awards. But that’s past. The present tells you that he is all geared up for his role in ‘Luck By Chance’ and the future has Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s ‘Delhi 6’. What interested us at that particular moment in time was about his future…about ‘Delhi 6’. Chintuji totally covered in black from top to bottom orders for some water, sips it and in a very Kapoor laid back style talks about all the things he is very close with – Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra and ‘Delhi 6’.


“It was lovely to work with Rakeysh Mehra. He is a man of very few words. A very polite and a deep man. One of the most decent and a shy person I’ve worked with. ‘Delhi 6’ is a film of an ensemble cast. It has several actors who are actually the resident of ‘Delhi 6’ that is Chandni Chowk. The film deals with the ever going Hindu-Muslim problems and has a lovely love story which is infused in it”, says the cute Kapoor. In the same breath, he describes his role too. “I’ve got a sweet role in the film. I play a wealthy Muslim, a nawab type of a character who too lives in the Chowk. Now this is interesting. In the film, I was once upon a time in love with Abhishek Bachchan’s mother but lost out to his father who also happens to be my best friend. In spite of that, I treat Abhishek as my own son and how he helps Abhishek in his problems is what I portray in ‘Delhi 6’”.

So is the role any different from his previous performances? Chintuji answers, “It’s a role which I’ve done a little differently from what I did in ‘Hum Tum’ because in that film too, the couple goes through a similar problem”.

From Bandra we then move to Rajasthan where ‘Delhi 6’ was shot. “I am happy to belong to this film because it was great working in that ambience they created in Rajasthan’s Sambhar town. In Sambhar we created the whole Chandni Chowk. Most of the Delhi was set up there”. Rishi ji was over the moon when describing some of the acting talents in ‘Delhi 6’. He told us, “There are some brilliant actors waiting to get their due share of stardom. I was very impressed by the technical crew of Rakeysh. His ability to execute the film, his sound, his editing, all were there on board. At this time last year we were stationed in Jaipur for three months working on Delhi 6 under freezing temperatures.”

Describing the two kids who he has seen growing up in his house got him even more excited. “It was a pleasure working with Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. These were the two kids I’ve seen growing up in my household. Sonam started her career with my son Ranbir. She is naturally a gifted actor like her father. Absolutely charming and adorable. She is a darling. I’ve worked with Amitji all through my life. So I’ve seen Abhishek grow in all stages. Then suddenly he moved away to Switzerland and when he comes back he is a grown up adult. A very smart and a handsome six foot two inches; in fact taller than his father, Abhi is a very well spoken, educated and a cultured boy. A very fine actor.” On asking him to elaborate on the words – ‘a very fine actor’. Without delay, he describes his most important scene in the film with Abhishek. In fact, Chintu ji was so impressed with the scene; he sent Abhi a special text message to congratulate him. “There is one very important scene I have in the film. It’s important for the film, to me and Abhi where I am speaking most of the lines. I am trying to tell him that don’t lose out on your girl whom you love (Sonam), otherwise you’ll turn up like me, like what my character is in the film is. Now here’s the twist. Abhishek doesn’t say anything. He is just looking at me speechless. And the way he has done the scene, hats off to him. I haven’t seen the film yet but he was brilliant in that scene. The way he has underplayed that scene is worth a standing ovation. My sincere kudos to him and thus I couldn’t stop myself from sending him the text message congratulating him”.

And what about Sonam, Mr Kapoor? “I don’t interact much with Sonam in ‘Delhi 6’ except the climax. I’ve seen her work in ‘Saawariya’ and I’m sure she has surpassed her previous best.”

Rishi ji finally takes out the rabbit from the hat when he talks about his beloved co-star, Waheeda Rahmanji. “One cannot forget Waheeda Rahmanji. She was an institution by herself. I’ve done ‘Kabhi Kabhie’, ‘Coolie’ and ‘Chandni’ with the great Waheedaji. All three films were super-duper hits. I keep telling Rakeysh that I hope we keep up this record and do our fourth super hit with you in ‘Delhi 6’. There are some other marvelous performances from Om Puri, Prem Chopra, Atul Kulkarni, Vijay Raaz, Akhilendra Mishra and Pawan Malhotra who’ve got relevant and vital parts to play in the film,” he signs off.




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