Was “Chandni Chowk To China” like Drona???

22 01 2009

Either way in my opinion both were huge flops…and me on liking Deepika, i don’t think so anymore. Ask me why?, well because of rumors with her and other men. I don’t like her way of life and her attitude towards competition such as Bipasha, Katrina, and Kareena. My opinion…but please think as you wish!!

The first big release of 2009 has gone down the drain. Akshay Kumar’s Chandni Chowk to China that was being eyed as a potential contender (if not threat) to Aamir Khan’s Ghajini ended up being a disastrous film. With Akshay Kumar as the lead, Nikhil Advani as director, Ramesh and Rohan Sippy as producers and an international studio like Warner Bros as its distributors, there were big expectations from the film. Alas with its extremely formulaic and outdated treatment, the film disappointed bigtime. Seems like 2009 has got its Drona much early!

While trade circles were hoping the film to take a strong start, something on the lines of Ghajini , the initials were far below the mark. The paid previews got an average response and though the collections were good for the first two days (esp. in the North territories), the business dropped soon after. With unanimous bad reviews and a negative word of mouth, the audiences preferred staying away from the film.


Sucks na Deepika shaahid tumhe hawa mein nahi urna chaiye!!! ( Suck right Deepika?? Maybe you shouldn’t fly you kites so high??)  Now you don’t want to be the “Mrs. Akshay Kumar” right??

Poor Akki..i really feel sorry for your defeat. But on the bright side your doing a film with SONAM KAPOOR!!! That will surely make you smile. Go to Akshay or Sonam’s Category and read about their new movie together 🙂 !!




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