I am not an Idiot:Kareena… New Interview!!

23 01 2009

Kareena tells all about her life, relationships, gossip, and upcoming movie releases. Some decisions she has planned are great and other not so good. Well that’s for you to decide… Click the title ” I am not an Idiot…New Interview” go to the bottom of the page and please leave a comment on what you think on Kareena’s new plans!! Comment will be approved by me and posted ( please be appropriate or your comment will not be posted!!) Thanks.  🙂

You’ve apparently made up your mind to not do any more stage shows.
Kareena Kapoor: That’s not true at all. I never said that. But I won’t dance at weddings and private functions. I’ve done it in the past. But I won’t do it any more. I don’t want to or need to do such things. Dancing for a proper staged event, including awards functions, is fine. In fact, I’m dancing at an event in Delhi in the last week of January.

You’d refused to dance with other actresses at an awards function…
Kareena Kapoor: I had nothing against dancing for the function. The Moranis (the organisers) were discussing it with me from the time I was going on holiday. I was out of reach for a week. But before I left for my holiday, I told them I didn’t like the five-diva act concept. I had informed them of this before I left for my holiday. I didn’t want to be a part of it. Is that a crime?

You had informed the organizers of your reservations in advance?
Kareena Kapor: Oh yes, well in advance. So, I didn’t ‘back out’. I love awards and love to dance at awards functions. Last year, I danced at all the awards functions. This year, I don’t have the time to rehearse for these functions. See, for the kind of films I’m doing, I’ve got to be completely there. I can’t take out four hours to rehearse. I’ll dance next year. I want my performances on stage to be exclusive and rare.

But the general perception is that you don’t enjoy being on stage.
Kareena Kapoor : Oh, I love it! But not right now. I’ve to give my best to my roles. As an actor, that’s my first priority. I’d like to give 100 per cent of myself to the camera. I was shooting in Bangalore for ‘3 Idiots’. I will be in Mumbai for a couple of days to shoot an ad. And then I leave India to shoot for an international magazine.

How is it going with 3 Idiots?
Kareena Kapor: I’m totally blessed to be working with Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan. I’m not there for the whole Bangalore schedule. Beyond that I can’t say much about the film…except that I’m not playing one of the idiots.

You’ve also decided not to talk about your relationship with Saif Ali Khan?
Kareena Kapoor: Too much was said and written about us in 2008. So, until our relationship goes to the next level, there’s no need to talk about it.

Do you feel there is a Saif-Kareena overkill in the media?
Kareena Kapoor: There’s a curiosity about us because we’re seen as a glam couple. We both laugh about it. Saif looks at himself in the mirror and asks, ‘Do you think I’m glamorous?’ I tend to be very open about my feelings. We’ve never hidden our relationship, but we’ve said enough. This year, let our films talk.

You’ve just been on a holiday. Have you come back looking healthier?
Kareena Kapoor: If by that you mean have I put on weight, then yes. I have. I need put on weight for ‘3 Idiots’ and Rensil D’Silva’s film. In the Marjani song I’m looking… slim. But not paper thin. I’ll continue to be healthy and eat healthy. I snack here and there. But I’ve become so conscious of my fitness level that I can’t eat at irregular hours. I wake up with yoga.




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