Deepika’s Inked with RK???

27 01 2009

So there was a lot of back and forth about this particular piece of body art – Deepika Padukone’s tribute to main squeeze Ranbir Kapoor. Did she? Didn’t she? I suppose the proof is in the picture (unless someone has some wicked photoshop skills and way to much time on their hands!) Your move R.K. , anyway it might be removable…so Ranbir show some pride for you girl get D.P. (Dump Padukone) 🙂 Again my opinion. 🙂 You decide does it say R.K? Does it mean Ranbir Kapoor or is it her other 12,000 boyfriends?? You be the judge? Please click on this title heading (new pages will come up) and on the bottom of the page send me your comments (comments will be moderated before being put up!) 🙂

Deepika PadukoneR.K. Tattoo




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