Kareena and Salman stop fighting

1 02 2009

It’s the time to kiss and make-up in Bollywood! After Rani-Shahid and Kangana-Mohit patch up, Kareena Kapoor has forgotten all the differences with Sallu that developed during the Rock Star concert due to ex-beau Shahid Kapur.

According to reports, it was Bebo who broke the ice and struck a conversation with the fiery Khan. The two couldn’t stop cracking jokes together on the sets of Main Aur Mrs Khanna after that.

A source from the unit informed that both the actors shared cold vibes in the beginning and director Prem Soni had to discuss the scenes separately with the actors.

But it seems Bebo didn’t see any point to extend the feud further and decided to end it once and for all.

According to a source present on the sets of Mr and Mrs Khanna, Kareena Kapoor suddenly got up and started discussing a sensitive scene with Salman. This probably broke the ice between the two stars and then their excellent rapport was for all to see.

Hope, our forever-fighting stars take some lessons from Bebo! Anyway why wouldn’t Kareena make-up with Salman, she’s not dating Shahid anymore? So Shahid if you fought on Kareena’s behalf then you should also make-up with Salman…and if you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll still love you Shahid!! šŸ™‚




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