A Funny Interview with Priyanka Chopra!!

17 02 2009

Some sad news Priyanka says that she is single…well kind of… but at least Shahid’s single ( Amrita Rao) !! Anyway I hope her and Harman are still fating and that they just don’t want the world to know?? Here’s a funny interview with Priyanka Chopra with some serious questions.

‘Desi Girl’ Priyanka Chopra is all smiling now with her hands full of awards and films. She speaks to our correspondent on luck, Harman and her friendship with Shahid Kapoor.

You had 4 flops last year (LOVE STORY 2050, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO, CHAMKU, DRONA). Still you began 2009 with winning an award for FASHION. Shall we call it luck or confidence?
Both. I am on cloud 9 to have begun the year winning the Star Screen Awards Best Actress for FASHION. In fact, I have become greedy after this award. Now I would like to win all the awards of this season.

“On a personal note, flops do affect me.”

But surely the flops did affect your career?

Do you believe in size-zero?
I already have a great figure…at least that’s what I am told by everyone. So, I don’t need to starve and get a size zero. I am a complete foodie and would like to remain like that.

Are you still dating Harman Baweja?
O My God! Over the phone you said I would only be asked questions on films. I won’t answer any personal questions.

Then this will be the most boring interview of your life and only you once

“Harman is, was and will remain a good friend.”

said on television that actors don’t have a private life.
(Pauses) You are very adamant. Ok, go on.

Are you and Harman still together?
Harman is, was and will remain a good friend. He has just started his career and I have a lot to do with mine. So I will be grateful to people if they talk about our films and less about our personal life.

While Saif-Kareena, Ranbir-Deepika and Kangna-Adhyayan are so vocal about their relationships, why do you want to maintain secrecy about your relationship?
I don’t know why and what others are doing. As for my case, I find it foolish to announce something to the world unless I am sure about it.

The latest buzz of B-town is you are dating Shahid Kapoor. True?
I thought the media has already linked Shahid with Vidya Balan and Sania Mirza! (laughs) Shahid is a my co-star in Vishal Bharadwaj’s KAMEENAY. This is the first time we are working together and have a blast on the sets. We share the same mentality and enjoy each other’s company. That’s all for now and I will personally inform you if we start an affair or get married or have kids…or (laughs and hints the interview is over).

All those who are in show business know hits and flops are part of our profession. So career-wise, as long as your looks and acting are impressive, you are not affected for the simple reason that only you are not the fate of the film. But on a personal note, flops do affect me. It would be nice if all my releases so far would have been hits.

Are you enjoying the ‘Desi Girl’ tag?
Immensely. The song is a tribute to all Indian girls across the world and I represented them in DOSTANA. I was excited about the song since Karan (Johar) told me about it and was sure that it will be a box office scorer.

How does it feel to see Kareena Kapoor dancing to your tunes, I mean, the ‘Desi Girl’ song in a Kurkure advertisement?
Did she? I didn’t know about it. Where is the time to watch television yaar!

You didn’t answer my question?
How can I comment on something I have not seen.

OK. Let me twist the question. How will you feel to see Kareena dancing to one of your songs?
Very clever…I will say something and you will write ‘…this proves Priyanka and Kareena are enemies’.

Are you, really?
No…no …never. Kareena and I work in the same industry and we are colleagues, if not best friends. She can dance on all my songs and I will clap for her louder than all present. And I too won’t mind dancing to her numbers.




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18 02 2009
Bollywood News

Priyanka Chopra started the year on a high note winning the Star Screen Awards Best Actress for FASHION. She has given a truly brilliant performance in the film.

20 04 2010

Wow great interview,thanks for this…

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