Sonam is first Bollywood actress to get specially designed Chanel gown!!!

3 03 2009

( I like it…it’s plain and simple but very elegant!!! 🙂 )

 I knew my Sona was going to making big!!!!! She is the first ever Bollywood actress to get a specially designed Chanel Gown!!! 🙂 Yah!! Go Sona!!! Sonam wore this beautiful gown to the 54th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009 were Ranbir and Imran hosted the event. Rumors say that Sonam and Ranbir were seen talking back stage, well yes they’re friends..but wasn’t “back-stage” were we found Ranbir and Deepika say “I love you” last year?? I hope something is stirring but not to get anything started!!! Anyway Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous!!

Becomes the only B-Town actress to wear an outfit specially designed for her by global fashion house

Sonam Kapoor’s metamorphosis as a fashion diva came full circle on Saturday night at the Filmfare awards. She became the only Bollywood actress to wear a specially-designed gown by Chanel.

Feel like Cinderella

The ebullient actress could barely contain her excitement. “I just kept staring at the beautiful, basic but simple white gown they sent me.

Yes, I think I’m the first Indian celebrity to be dressed by Chanel in Bollywood. I’m so excited. I felt like Cinderella before the ball. Never before have I been so excited about dressing up for an event.”

Apparently, after seeing Sonam’s spate of sophisticated magazine covers, Chanel voluntarily decided to send her a gown from their special-celebrity closet.

“That’s right. My off-shoulder gown came from their special-celebrity collection,” laughs Sonam triumphantly. “They just flew over three Chanel gowns for me to choose from.

I liked the white one. I prefer light shades. And I avoid accessories. They take away from the basic look of your clothes.

And what Chanel sent me for the Filmfare awards certainly needed no enchancement. It was divine, per se.”

A lot of designers are comparing Sonam to Penelope Cruz. “It was Sanjay Leela Bhansali who first compared me to her. I think it’s a huge compliment.

It isn’t as if I’m making a conscious effort to dress fashionably. I wear what I’m comfortable in.”

Sonam loves dressing up in light shades and avoids accessories.




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