Katrina and Kareena become friends!!

6 03 2009

Looks like friendship is springing between Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor! They both met up at Amrita Arora’s wedding and couldn’t stop talking. They also complimented each other: (Read underlined!!)

Kat got your tongue? Well the actress has been bonding with new buddy Kareena. Yes, Katrina Kaif has not only mended bridges with one-time archrival Kareena Kapoor, she’s also taking fitness tips from her!

Says a source, “The cold war between Kareena and Katrina is a thing of the past. The two bonded at Amrita-Ladak’s wedding brunch on Wednesday, chatting about everything from their films to designer outfits and how to maintain a fit and fab body without dieting.

In fact, they were so engrossed in catching up that they even made their beaus, Saif and Sallu jealous. Bebo and Kat do different films, which is perfect for them as there’s no competition.”

When asked about their special dosti, Kareena says, “Katrina’s a sweetheart! We had a blast together at Amu’s wedding. She’s one actress who is true to herself. That’s why I am fond of her.”

Katrina Kaif too admits to taking advice from
Kareena since last year on having a healthy body. Says Katrina, “We had great fun at Amu’s party. Bebo is very sweet and supportive of me. She is my inspiration on how to have a fab, healthy body. It all started last year when I got injured on the sets of De Dhana Dhan and suffered a blood infection. The whole illness left me feeling tired and drained. I was also having over 1500 mg worth of antibiotics so I could recover faster. When I went home to London for Christmas, I was listless and lethargic and could hardly move around.”

After her antibiotics ran out (on December 31), Katrina decided to do something about getting a fitter body.

“I hired a trainer who’d help me tone my body, started eating food sent by micro-biologist Sonali Sabharwal and also called up Kareena to help me out. Kareena inspires me. She was more than kind and gave me tips on how to have a healthier body.”

(-Source: entertainment.oneindia.in)





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