Ranbir’s Loss is Shahid’s Gain!!

6 03 2009

Wow! What is wrong with lover boy Ranbir Kapoor these days?? I guess the Deepikaness is getting to him (sorry Deepika lover, I couldn’t stop myself)!!! Anyway whatever is Ranbir’s loss is my Shahid’s gain 🙂

Strange are the ways of B-Town. Ranbir Kapoor recently turned down an offer to endorse a denim brand one, whose women’s range his girlfriend Deepika Padukone already endorses.

Says an advertising industry source, “Ranbir Kapoor might have had releases, that too which didn’t do well, but he has already acquired a pricey reputation in the advertising world. He has refused two big deals an international suiting and shirting brand and the international denims brand.

While for the suiting brand, the price wasn’t enough, he felt the denim brand was low-end and not expensive enough. Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of the high-end range, which is the original jeans brand.

Ranbir felt the one they offered him was too commonplace and wanted to endorse along with Akki instead but since the makers have a contract with Akshay already and are happy with him, they refused Ranbir. That’s when Ranbir walked out of the deal.”

Shahid Kapoor has now stepped in to do the ad Ranbir refused. The source adds, “Ranbir’s refusal was strange considering his own girlfriend Deepika is the only other celebrity in India who currently endorses brand’s signature range of denims for women which caters to the young college-going group.

The whole concept of this brand has more to do with lifestyles than pricing it’s about what people with certain lifestyles can go for. Ranbir was even offered more than Rs 1.25 crore for the deal but even the money wasn’t enough. Akshay’s brand may be more exclusive and expensive but the lower end products always sell more.

Anyway, Shahid fits in with the brand concept as he’s a youth icon and known to be hip and trendy.”

When contacted, a representative from the denim brand said, “We approach many stars so it would be unfair to comment on any one. We can only talk about the one who has been finalised, which we shall reveal at the right time.”

Ranbir Kapoor remained unavailable for comment.

(-Source: movies.iexplorehere.com)




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