Anil Kapoor in Holi Mode!!

10 03 2009

Sonam Kapoor and dad Anil celebrate Holi.

Sonam Kapoor and dad Anil celebrate Holi.

Never mind if the rest of Bollywood is not celebrating Holi tomorrow (those spoilsports!), at Anil Kapoor’s Juhu residence it is Holi already!
The actor is in a celebratory mood, all right. He’s just back from all the song-and-dance following Slumdog Millionaire’s success at the Oscars, and is jet-lagging… naturally! “I wanted to come back as I wanted to celebrate Holi with my family,” said Anil, who is sleepy, dead tired, but looking so young and fresh and full of mischief that he could easily be cast alongside daughter Sonam in her next film. Check out his sexy, clean chest and tell us we’re wrong! The lovely and shy Sonam agreed, “Dad’s looking so much younger and he’s glowing. His energy is enviable. Suddenly we are seeing him more gung-ho about everything. It’s showing on his face.”

This Kapoor khandaan has a Holi puja in place tomorrow morning. Then, a splash and riot of colours. After which Sonam will head for a shoot and Anil to meet his buddies. “I have always shot on Holi. But this time, it’ll be a family get together. After the puja, I will visit my in-laws like always,” said Anil. His son is in LA, studying. “It’s much more fun when he’s around. But we will connect with him on the webcam and chat. He will miss all the fun here,” smiled Sonam. She plans to gang up later with 40 friends and see what “dhamaal” they might whack out of the festival of colours.

Anil has memories of Holis gone by. “Of RK Studios where Raj (Kapoor) uncle would invite the entire industry… as a youngster, I was always in awe of the film stars. I wanted to be one of them when I grew up. Naturally, Holis at that time meant more to me than now. It was so much fun then.” In LA a few days ago, he mentioned to some American friends why he was keen to rush back home. “It’s overwhelming, this impact Slumdog at the Oscars has made on the world… there is a new awareness globally of India now. One of my friends, on hearing about Holi and our celebration with colours, said, ‘India has never looked so colourful on the world map than now.’ I thought, wow, he’s so right!”

-Source:timesofindia………….Thank You!!! 🙂





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